Prima Endo boasts the strongest and longest lasting continuous and reciprocating Endo files in the market. compatible with the market leaders training and motors, therefore no further training or investment is required.

Files lasting over 5 times longer in Cyclic Fatigue Tests, superior flexibility with a 90 degree flex and a lower RRP than the market leaders.

5 x Longer on Cyclic Fatigue Tests

Our files have a longer life and reduced risk of failure.

Solid Head Tool

50% improved result in Stiffness Tests

In the ISO 3630.1 Stiffness test the Prima Endo files are 50% better than the market leader.

10 - 15% lower RRP

With a reduced RRP dentists and Endodontists can use a better file, for longer, for less.

The Prima Endo Product Ranges

Prima Taper

Featuring a convex triangular cross-section, both Prima Taper & Prima Taper Gold benefit from progressively tapered designs which clinically serves to improve flexibility, cutting efficiency & reduces the number of recapitulations.

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Prima Taper Gold

Our heat treated NiTi files, Prima Taper Gold is the next evolution in continuous rotary files. Our files ensure a better shape and provide a smoother finish. Intelligent alloys and superior memory control means lower fatigue, flexural or torsional fracture risk.

Prima One Gold

Reciprocating NiTi rotary files & suitable for canals of all shapes & sizes, this range benefits from unparalleled safety whilst also shortening the shaping time.

Prima Assorted Packs